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I take this opportunity to inform you of the Great Books Cocktail Challenge from my public radio colleague Kurt Anderson:

FUZZY NOVEL:  STUDIO 360's Cocktail Challenge!  
Send us an original recipe for a new cocktail named after a classic work of literature.

Hmmm.... the jacket copy calls Swordspoint a "classic" . . . . and we've already got a bunch of truly amazing cocktail suggestions from last fall for it....!

Deadline is this Sunday.  You game?

And now:  
Anyone have any ideas for a PRIVILEGE OF THE SWORD beverage?

Or is it just the Swordspoint, but with a pink plastic sword in it?
(Ouch! Ouch!! Don't hurt me....!)

(Extra points for identifying the source of "jenphalian"'s Twitter self-description:  "Full of noble truths of the spirit. Also, swordfights.")

OK, you people, stop indulging me.  I've got actual work to do. But if every time I press the bar, I get a pellet . . . well, I'm just going to keep coming back for more, aren't I?

Thank you.  The previous two posts have some mighty, mighty Swordspoint cocktails suggested and explained.

Oh, and I tweet as EllenKushner.  It's not very original, but it's easy to remember.

ETA: Praying to every god there is that the point where I hit ENTER while tagging this and had gotten only as far as the cock in cocktails was seen by no one.

Restating the "Riverside Cocktail" question

Loving everyone's suggestions for cocktails for Swordspoint!

It is, however, hard for me to imagine the actual people on the Hill or Riverside doing mixed drinks.  --Though maybe that's my folly? The whole point of inventing that world was that it was a glorious stew of everything I particularly like.  Maybe I need to spend more time down at Death & Company before I start the next volume.  (And now I expect someone to explain to me the sociology or science of the creation of the cocktail.  Yeah, I know I've read it somewhere . . . but you know you want to.  Would there be a reason not/to have them create them now?  Hmmm, maybe it would be like pizza - I mean, Tomato Pie.  We've got that already down there.  Maybe mixed drinks in the city are a strictly Low Class thing - a nice inversion of our Gilded Youth stuff - like, say, there's something really cheap like gin that's so awful you can only drink it by mixing it...... That woudl be hilarious.  I wonder what they mix them in?)

Where was I?

Oh, yeah:  Anyhow, please turn your mighty brains to this question:

If you were attending, say, a hypothetical promotional event for the audiobook I'm recording of Swordspoint, and there were a cocktail there that represented the, ah, spirit of the book - or of one of its characters, or of Riverside itself - what would it be?

Riverside Cocktail?

If there were a Riverside Cocktail, what would it be?

Last night, I had the great pleasure of entering yet another world (yeah, I kinda collect them), as my Swordspoint audiobook* producer, Sue Zizza, took me as her guest to the Audio Publisher's Association (APA) fall mixer.**  It was upstairs in a bar on W. 54th St - a glorious schmoozefest of Voice Talent (big names like Barbara Rosenblatt & Katherine Kellgren, aspiring beginners hoping to get noticed, and solid citizens including our own Joyce Feuring, who was so terrific in our Witches of Lublin [as was Rosenblatt]) and publishers & producers - including the lovely Tim Ditlow of Brilliance Audio, fresh - and enthusiastic - from recording Holly Black ( blackholly) reading her own The Poison Eaters collection!

I'd been told to listen for possible voices for Swordspoint - but it was a big room with a loud sound system - by the end, my heart - not to mention my throat - ached for all the people who earn their livings by their voice being forced to shout at the top of their lungs just to say, "Hi, how are you?" for 2 hours.

But anyway:  I also got to meet my company's executive producer - who justabout made me cry by placing her hand over her heart and saying, "I've just finished Swordspoint.  You are the Edith Wharton of fantasy!"***

We then got down to the serious business of PR.  "What's the drink in Swordspoint?" she asked.  "Beer," my engineer (David Shinn) and I chorused.  We contemplated various boutique beer labels someone could create.  Then we got down to the serious question of the Swordspoint Cocktail.

Yes, I have an idea - but I want to hear yours, first!

And, yes - whatever it is, there will be a little plastic sword.

*Patience, patience . . . I should be able to announce the distributor & release date in just a few weeks!  We are still recording.

** Yeah, I know - I thought that, too.  But this time, the boys didn't all stay on one side of the room leaning against the wall. #cashbar

*** When I told this to Delia, she grinned:  "Here's your elevator pitch, at last:  'My book is the love child of Alexandre Dumas & Edith Wharton!'"

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