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Brunswick Interstitial Art Salon - Maine Event

Much to my surprise, events fall out such that Delia & I will be attending, along with catvalente and a couple dozen other fine folks:

The Interstitial Arts Foundation presents
A Social Event for Artists and Art Lovers in Maine!

Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: The Frontier Cafe
Street: 14 Maine Street Brunswick, ME

Phone: 207-725-5222
Email RSVP: erin_underwood at hotmail dot com . . . or just show up!

Artists and enthusiasts are cordially invited to the first Brunswick Interstitial Salon for an evening devoted to the pleasures of conversation among boundary-crossing artists, writers, musicians, and creators. What better place to gather than in the thriving artistic community of Southern Maine?

The Brunswick Interstitial Art Salon will meet at The Frontier Café, which “is very much an evolving, creative canvas for visual storytelling. Our Beyond Gallery wall is a vibrant opportunity to exhibit contemporary visual stories produced collaboratively with storytellers from Maine and around the world.” – Frontier Café’s Web Site

We’re lucky to have authors from both of our anthologies at the Salon. Will Ludwigsen from Interfictions 2 and Catherynne Valente from Interfictions will both give a short reading from their stories, which will be followed by a general social hour.

So, bring your laptop and show off your portfolio or your tunes. Bring your art-loving friends, and bring a willingness to mingle with strangers — who might turn out to be colleagues, friends, or even artistic soul-mates!

And help spread the word by forwarding or linking to this invite! Also on Facebook.
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