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Family Man between the covers for me, at last!

 I'm a huge fan of Dylan Meconis'  (LJ:  quirkybird ) work!  Family Man, Bite Me, and, of course, Click! the one-shot sequel she did with Sara Ryan (to her Empress of the World, the best teen novel about being bi I know) . . . . But so far her new work, Family Man, has been available only online, and, well, I just don't have the bandwidth for all that clicking & screen-shifting.

So I am crazygrateful to pamola for letting me know that Dylan is even now raising money to produce the first two chapters of Family Man via pre-sales and incentives at her temple of commerce!

You know what you must do.  (As do I!)

And as a special offer to LJ readers only, I allow you to be the very first to know that DYLAN & SARA ARE DOING A BORDERTOWN COMIC! Yes, blackholly & I are even now going over the pencils of the 16 page 'script that will be part of the new Bordertown anthology, to make sure that there are enough pointy ears and studded leather jackets.  It's the only comic in the whole anthology.  It's good.
Tags: bordertown, comics, stuff for sale

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