ellen_kushner (ellen_kushner) wrote,

After Ralph Vicinanza's Memorial service tonight, we went to a new restau on Amsterdam Ave. (just around the corner from my first apartment - and o what a change is here! that block used to be a total dive) called recipe (sic).  I had duck confit hash, and for dessert a chestnut pannecotta with a glaze of "New York honey."  Sometimes I really like the 21st century.

And now I am going to snuggle up with our dear friend Sarah Smith's new YA novel, The Other Side of Dark - just out from Atheneum -  and see what she's done with it since the Mass All Stars workshopped it last year.  Sarah was staying with us last night before the Memorial (plus visiting her NY publisher) - it was so good having her here!  We miss our Boston friends.
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