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Delia & I are reading tonight at NYRSF  at 7pm  (details here).  Continuing last year's tradition of presenting not-yet-published work, this time I'll be giving a sneak preview of "The Duke of Riverside,"* a new story set shortly after my novel Swordspoint. It will be published this summer in NAKED CITY: TALES OF URBAN FANTASY, edited by Ellen Datlow (St Martin's Press, July 2011).  deliasherman  will read from her forthcoming teen novel THE FREEDOM MAZE (Big Mouth House, 2011): the story of a girl from 1960 who travels back in time to her family's sugar plantation in 1860s Louisiana, and is promptly sent to the slave quarters . . . kind of an E. Nesbit time travel book with teeth!

I seem to have caught a mild cold - or maybe it's just brutal malaise brought on by too much running around - but don't worry; I've given great performances in far worse condition; as soprano Laurie Monahan once replied when I asked her what techniques singers use for delivering the goods with respiratory ailments:  Adrenaline!  Seems to work.  But just in case, I propose to spend the day in bed re-watching the third season of Slings & Arrows, with maybe a little gentle Georgette Heyer, plus, if I feel up to the excitement, the galleys of Nancy Werlin's new novel, Extraordinary, which she was kind enough to send me in return for a sneak peek at "Duke of Riverside."

This will be our first time in the new reading series space, SoHo Gallery for Digital Art -  a thrill because its walls are lined with projection(?) boxes wherein giant images glow.  Even if you can't come, series director Jim Freund has posted tonight's images here (and this seems like a good place to thank him for putting up with my megrims as I fussed & fretted about what should go up, after having claimed on Friday (on the train to Philadelpia, by iPhone) that I didn't care that much!).  Along with book covers & illos, they include a couple of photos from our 2004 wedding in our backyard in Massachusetts, one of us cutting the cake, and the other of the giddy cake toppers (made by our dear Sarah Smith).

*As "The Duke..." weighs in at a hefty 8,000 words, I don't know that I'll be able to fit it all in my 30-minute timeslot. Will rise from my bed of teem at some point & try to figure out how many minutes/page - does anyone know?
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