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Advance reviews are trickling in like sweet honey from the rock. From Booklist* (with only a few annotations by the co-editor):

Welcome to Bordertown: New Stories and Poems of the Borderlands.
Black, Holly (Editor) and Kushner, Ellen (Editor) and Barzak, Christopher (Author) and Brust, Steven (Author) and Bull, Emma (Author) and Clare, Cassandra (Author) and de Lint (Author) and Doctorow, Cory (Author) and El-Mohtar, Amal (Author) and Gaiman, Neil (Author)
[and then, I guess, they ran out of room...]
 May 2011. 544 p. Random, hardcover, $19.99. (9780375867057). Random, library edition, $22.99. (9780375967054).

This collection of stories and poems expands on the Borderland series edited by Terri Windling in 1986 [aherm, actually from 1986-1996]. Editors Black and Kushner have conceptualized this urban-fantasy collection around the city of Bordertown, at the border of the human world and the elfin realm. Bordertown is where both human and elf runaways searching for meaning end up. Magic may or may not work here, technology is sketchy at best, and there is no Internet [ . . . yet. Wait til you read Cory Doctorow's new story here!]. The “door” to this border town has been closed for 13 years when this collection of interconnected stories takes place, but for residents of the city, it has only been 13 days, and this is creating problems. The editors have amassed a tremendous collection of stories, poems, and even a graphic story by many of today’s top fantasy writers. There is no weak link: from the opening guide to “Bordertown Basics” and the introductory story by Kushner and Windling [yay!], readers will be sucked into the lives of those who find themselves living on the outskirts of all worlds.

*Booklist is the noted & notable reviewzine of the American Library Association, that powerful cabal of our revered and awesome friends, the Librarians.


Alexander M. Osias
Apr. 7th, 2011 02:06 pm (UTC)
Finally! Another antho out!
Feel sad I missed out on some of the novels, but I can't wait for this one. Loved the Bordertown shared world ever since my cousin and I coincidentally bought two different books (Borderland and Bordertown) and exchanged 'em after we were done ("You gotta read this!").
Apr. 8th, 2011 03:43 am (UTC)
Re: Finally! Another antho out!
That's such a great story, Alex - thanks!

Stay tuned for more reviews & updates here, of course -and also on our new Facebook page ("Welcome to Bordertown") and our new website!

Hope you like it.
Alexander M. Osias
Apr. 8th, 2011 03:22 pm (UTC)
Re: Finally! Another antho out!
Oh, I'm sure I will. And, having alerted my cousin (who still lives in the U.S. while I've moved back to the Philippines), I'm sure he will as well.

Also, I'm tickled that you have a Ratbastard in the anthology. Am curious to see his take on an aspect of the setting.

And I want to see more!

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