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Back in the Basement again today and tomorrow . . . and finally I can admit that, yes, we are down there recording The Privilege of the Sword as an audiobook for Neil Gaiman Presents/ACX!  We're hoping to have it out in early May.

I'm reading all the first person narration by Katherine - but my slavedriving evil genius Director is making me create a slew of independent voices for each and every character - there's even a younger voice for the Young Katherine's dialogue, to distinguish that from the Narrative voice (which is, I dunno, just a couple of years older . . . . ).  It's a ton of work, and the thrill of a lifetime:  I really am acting, guided by a professional who knows every nuance, and expects nothing but the best from me.  (I blogged about some of this process here in the first week of February.)  Another dream from my personal "bucket list" that I thought I'd given up on long ago.  Women of Athens: Count no dream unfulfillable until you're dead.

As you'll know if you've heard the Swordspoint audiobook (or read producer/director Sue Zizza's piece on our new "Illuminated Audio" technique), it's a lot more like doing a movie for voices than like a straight up audiobook read.  She & engineer David Shinn ultimately edit take after take, and will be mixing in SFX, original music by Nathanael Tronerud (some from Swordspoint, plus some new themes for Katherine & Marcus ["the Young Detectives," as Sue calls them], Artemisia, et al.

We are casting a third person narrator:  male, to make a nice vocal contrast with my sections (but must be man enough to handle many scenes of dialogue between two teenage girls!).  Some of those scenes will feature Actors - and I'm not yet at liberty to tell you who, but we have some very exciting voices lined up. I will be in the studio being bossy, though; it's hard to give up the control of reading the entire text myself, but the gain from working with professionals more than repays that. 

[There are links missing up there - but I have to get up early to go to the studio, which really is in a basement in Brooklyn about 1 hr away. I'll add them & tell you more later - but I didn't want to go to bed tonight without letting you know the good news, now that it's no longer embargoed!]

Thanks, too, to everyone who's helping me out with your family nicknames from my previous post. Lots to think about - and all just plan fun to read!
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