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Help get WITCHES on the air!

Again this year, we are offering "The Witches of Lublin" free to radio stations as a holiday special for Passover in April (or International Women's Month for March)!  And we need your help to get us on the air.

The Witches of Lublin is a feminist-shtetl-magic-realist musical audio drama written by my friends Elizabeth Schwartz, Yale Strom and me, with music by Yale.  It was directed & produced by SueMedia (the same folks I then went on to do the Swordspoint audiobook with for Neil Gaiman Presents!). It stars, well, some stars:  Tovah Feldshuh plays the magical matriarch; Simon Jones (Hitchikers' Guide...) is the villainous Count, and our very own Neil Gaiman is the Romantic Lead!

Your local public radio station has been sent info about this... But their in-box is stuffed with promo materials. What they really listen to is Letters from their Listeners.

So here is a sample letter you can send to your local public radio station.  

Right above it is a link to find contact info for your local station.

You might - erherm! - also like to know (and mention to them) that

Yes, in addition to our 2 Audie nominations, an Earphone Award and "Top 10 Best Full Cast Audio Drama" from Audiofile Magazine . . .

The Witches of Lublin has won a 2012 Wilbur Award (Single Program: Radio) from the lovely folks at the Religion Communicators' Council -- AND a Gracie for Best Director (go, Sue Zizza!) from the  Alliance for Women in Media Foundation!  (Yes, it is named for Gracie Allen!)

On behalf of the whole team, my thanks in advance for anything you can do to bring us back to thousands of listeners for a free hour of unique musical audio drama.

You can listen to the first 10 minutes of our show here . . . and you can order your own copy of the CD (up for an Audie for Best Design!) here . . . or download it from Audible here.

It was a thrill to produce & premiere this show last year; you can follow our process, hear interviews, read historical notes, etc.,  with my witches of lublin tag here.

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