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TPOTS Audiobook: Create Your Own Cover Contest

Lace! Leather! Silk and steel!

And, of course, Girls with Swords.

tpotsmass    600tpots_japan

Thomas Canty's original painting for the new TPOTS audiobook represents only the latest design in a series of gorgeous covers for The Privilege of the Sword around the world since it was first published in 2006.

Whether it's high fantasy grace, gypsy punk cool, or stylized manga, all of the TPOTS covers convey the vibrant, complex spirit of Riverside and its denizens in their own distinct, creative way.

Now it's your chance to show us your vision of Katherine, the Mad Duke, and the world they inhabit - as it would appear on the cover of the next edition of the book!

That's right....

We want to see your art* and design for a The Privilege of the Sword cover!

Visit Ellen's website to see the existing TPOTS covers, including covers from the Dutch, German, and Spanish editions, then create one of your own, that you think is perfect for your own private or dream edition of The Privilege of the Sword.

Post your cover on Facebook, LiveJournal, DeviantArt, Tumblr or anywhere else we (and your friends!) can see them.

Then post a link to your entry in the comments below by 11:59 p.m. EST (U.S.A. Eastern Time) on Sunday, September 16.

Ellen will judge all entries herself.  The winning entry (and runners-up) will be posted here and on the Covers webpage for all to ogle and enjoy.


An elegant limited edition trade-cloth hardcover of The Privilege of the Sword, published by Small Beer Press!

So start drawing, painting, or otherwise creating, and spread the word to any artistically-inclined friends you know are just waiting for the chance to design a brilliant, beautiful sword fighting-inspired book cover. Thanks in advance for your entries—we can't wait to see your new TPOTS cover designs!

—Katharine Duckett
Assistant to EK

 It's OK if you don't draw it yourself; "found" art (like the hardcover publisher's detail from a 16th century French portrait, in fact! . . .or even creative use of Dolls Divine) is acceptable for an entry.

ETA: CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS! Thanks to everyone who entered such wonderful covers, all much loved.

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