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And we have a winner!

I am so sorry to see the "What's your Favorite Imaginary Book?" contest end!  

Over 100 entries, all of them fascinating, and very few alike - though if it were a ballot, the nominees would probably be Hitchikers' Guide to the Galaxy, The Necronomicon, The Book of Night with Moon, from Diane Duane's Young Wizard novels, the unabridged The Princess Bride,  "The Book Bound in Pale Leather" from P.G. Hodgell's GOD STALK (hey - did you know she has a new one out??)... and Various from Neil Gaiman (and Terry Pratchett) - especially Agnes Nutter from GOOD OMENS and various delectables from Lucien's library in Dream.

Some unexpected jewels included  Matthew Maddox, The Horn of Joy from Madeleine L'Engle's Swiftly Tilting Planet"A Faire Wood Withering" (1444) by Peter Watershippe, from Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. NorrellClifford Morgenstern's Color Selection in Galactic Pantography, from Alexei Panshin's Anthony Villiers novels (god, I love those!!!), and, of course, Shakespeare's Arthur, King of the Britons, as reviewed by Jo Walton (recommended by Elizabeth Wein!), a classic in its own right. 

But trust me, that's just scratching the surface.  Go and read them all!!**

The winner, chosen by Random Number Generator and the entrails of a very small sparrow, is Elizabeth Evans-Gist, who commented here (and here, but that's not why).

The prize is a signed limited edition hardcover copy of THE PRIVILEGE OF THE SWORD from Small Beer Press.

There are two other ways you can get your own copy:
1) Buy it from SBP here, at the fabulous discount* price of only $9.95
2) Enter the Design Your Own TPOTS Cover contest, running through midnight EST on Sunday, Sept. 16th

Finally:  I promised to reveal my own favorite imaginary book, and I will do so just as soon as I've had some dinner.  And gone to see Libba Bray doing her cabaret set at Don't Tell Mama at 7:00 tonight. 

'Til then, my friends!

* I checked, and "remainder" is a misnomer due to the website's limitations

** And then . . . well, who's to say that you can't simply add more to the list?  You may not win a prize, but you'll win the adoration of multitudes.


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Sep. 12th, 2012 03:41 am (UTC)
P.C. has a new book out? Oh, boy.
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