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Endicott West/Terri Windling BOOK AUCTION #2: Biography - Native American - Poetry - Short Fiction

THE AUCTION IS CLOSED.  Thanks for your bids!
….and look for the Pre-Raphaelite -
 - and Endicott West Farewell - Blow-Out(s)
is now here!

Thanks to your support and enthusiasm for the Endicott West retreat and author, artist & editor Terri Windling's prodigious library here, we're offering four more fabulous flash auction packages, hand-chosen by Terri herself: a Baker's Dozen in each of some pretty special volumes. These are the last of these sort of boxes; all that's left is Monday's Pre-Raphaelite blow-out, which will feature art books and even fabrics.  And then we're done.

Your purchases are helping us to move her most important books, papers and lifelong possessions to her home in the U.K. - and at the same time giving tremendous joy to know that a lifetime of careful book-collecting is going to people who will truly value its fruits.

Here are the new Boxes on offer.  What you see is what you'll get - the 13 books in each box - thanks to Terri's own beautiful photos (yes, shut up, I know they are much better than the ones I took for the last auction) :

1) Biographies box
Biography box

2)  Native American Authors box
includes some rare and hard-to-find volumes
Native American Authors box

3)  Poetry-Lover's box

Poetry Lover's box

4)  Short Story Lover's box
Many of these are the books from which Terri selected stories for her ground-breaking Year's Best Fantasy & Horror series.

Short Story Lover's box

The Great Pre-Raphaelite Blow-Out, featuring
• William Morris Box  • Pre-Raphaelite Art Books Box w/Collectibles • Wm Morris/Liberty Print Quilting Fabrics Box
It's a beauty; all Pre-Raphaelite-lovers will want to know about this one!
That will be our final auction, and then we're done.

ETA:  One more to add: We just found a big stack of books by authors who have stayed here, signed to Endicott West!
Includes Emma Bull, Ellen Kushner, Charles Vess, Charles de Lint & more. Some first editions. This will go up next week. The perfect way to close out the Retreat, and give someone a little piece of its history.  Bidding will start over $100 on this and the Pre-Raph collectibles, so if your budget is tight, we suggest you try for the ones listed here.

Meanwhile, here we go:


1) LOOK below in Comments FOR the SUBJECT LINE for either #1 (Biographies),  #2 (Native American), #3 (Poetry) or #4 (Short Stories).

2) Click REPLY UNDER the LAST (most recent) HIGH BID on the one you're interested in (NOT in the General Comments for this post! ETA: and not, as it turns out, under the "Minimum Bid" Comment, either - sorry, my bad!), being sure to bid higher than the person before you did!  Might not be a bad idea to say what you're bidding on, just to make assurance double-sure.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A LIVEJOURNAL member to bid:  JUST COMMENT as a GUEST - but leave a name so we know who you are.

HIGHEST BID in each category at NOON EST on Monday, January 27th, gets the box.

We will reply HERE in Comments,
so check back to see if you won so we can contact you.  If we don't hear from you in 48 hours, the prize will go to the next highest bidder.  Nothing will be mailed out before we have received your PayPal payment of your pledged bid, which should be within 48 hours of our hearing from you.

U.S. only - no mailing abroad, unless you're willing to pay international shipping yourself. ETA -- sorry:  the extra work of figuring postage & filling in customs forms is just not something any of us can cope with as we close up the house.  If you've got a friend in the US who will accept the package for you, that would work for us!
Books will be mailed by Feb. 8th, at Media Rate. If you want them faster, be willing to pay the extra postage.
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