ellen_kushner (ellen_kushner) wrote,

SpecFic breaks into Salon

Thanks to the encouragement of Terri Windling over at Endicott, and the epistolatory enterprise of aliettedb, many fine works of speculative, interstitial and fantastic fiction have made it onto the Salon.com 2006 Readers' Picks, by writers including Jeff VanderMeer, Diane Setterfield, and Your Obedient Servant, who squeals her warmest thanks - at a pitch only hearable by certain undersea mammals - loud and long.

And before I could even post this, I got word of another one, from Cynsations blog about books for youg readers! Collect 'em all! Trade'em with your friends! she said giddily.

First Chanukah candle is lit tonight. I've gotten my presents early.

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