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Ellen's Journal

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6 October
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"'King Puggy...lives in a ruined castle on a hill with his seven madcap daughters. The old king's wife died of a fit of shrieks when all the Princesses were very young. Now Puggy and his seven maids live all alone, wreaking every kind of hob and havoc on their hill: rolling boulders down on passersby, turning rivers from their normal course, stealing gems and silks from caravans so they can dress in gawdy masquerade and play their wild and eerie games by jack-o'-lantern light.' The Royal Recorder raised his hands and shook his head. 'Every night is Hallowe'en on Puggy's Hill.'" - James Thurber, The White Deer

The Author
Swordspoint, The Privilege of the Sword, The Fall of the Kings (w/Delia Sherman)
Thomas the Rhymer
The Golden Dreydl
5 Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books
& a bunch of short stories. . . .


The Radio Host
The Truro Agricultural Show (WKCR)
NightAir, Caravan (WGBH)
The Nakamichi International Music Series (APR)
Sound & Spirit (PRI/WGBH)

The Ice Cream Sundae
Caramel all the way

Ellen Kushner lives in NYC with deliasherman and no cats whatsoever. They travel all the time, and frequently get lost, but have an amazing ability to find holes in the wall with great food. She waltzes well, polkas badly, knows the words to many long ballads, and dreams of being asked to play Hamlet someday.

Please go ahead and Friend me if you like. I almost never read my FList, so you're pretty safe.

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